Below I share some of my favorite resources when it comes to Medical Cannabis. I will add on to it as I discover more great resources.

Realm of Caring Website and their Research Library

The Realm of Caring is a non-profit from Colorado, USA. They help to educate and empower patients about medical cannabis. They have a great page on their website dedicated to providing links to scientific articles about various medical conditions.


Project CBD

Project CBD is another great website for beginners wishing to learn more about medical cannabis and CBD in particular. One part of their mission statement that really resonates with me is that they want to refute that medical cannabis is “a front for stoners.”

I know from my work trying to help educate and inform people is that the people that come to me are not trying to get high. In fact, that’s usually the first thing they tell me, “I don’t want to get high.”


Dr. Ethan Russo video talking about Endocannabinoid Deficiencies

If you like to watch or listen to information being presented you’ll like the video that I link to below. It is Dr. Ethan Russo (a neurologist) talking to the people from Project CBD about CBD and Endocannabinoid Deficiency conditions.